Arbitrage Betting Tips

This kind of betting might sound complex but it is the best way of making money in betting, I call it bet investment. It is a form of betting process where you places bet on the same event but different bookmarkers. I see you are getting confuses, but don’t be I will explain the process to you.

The word ARBITRAGE means a process of buying of goods in a place and selling it in another place immediately in other to make a profit base on different in price. In betting, arbitrage betting is a process of placing your bets on the same event using different bookmakers in such a way that no matter the outcome of the event you will make some profit. It is good for long term plan since you have to stake large amount of money to make profit and must have many accounts with different bookies(betting sites). The key thing here is using different bookies and find the best odds by using an odds comparison website.

The way it works

It works on three ways outcome or two ways out come.

*For three ways outcome,we need three betting site to match up. Example win draw lose(1×2),doubt chance(1x,12,×2),etc.

*For two ways outcome we need just two betting site to match up. Example of two ways outcome are Draw no bet(DNB), both terms will scores(GG/NG),under or over goal,etc. In this article,we will be looking at two ways outcome.

Let look at an event in Bundesliga where a bookie offered for both terms to score.

From the event above if one should place on both event, he will lost money. Because the probability is more than one.
Let look at the same event but different bookies, where bookie A offer is
And bookie B offer is
As we can see A give higher odd for NG outcome than B and B give a higher outcome on GG than A. We placing our bet on NG for bookie A and GG for bookie B. In this way we will have a win and make some profit. Let look at the maths
The probability is less than one. That means we will make some profit. If we stack N10,000 Naira to this we will make not less than N335 Naira. To determine the amount you will stack on each bet look at the maths below

Placing your bet using Arbitrage betting tips involve a lot of things like

  1. The uses of arbitrage betting software to help save you a lot of time, money and increase profit then you spending time searching through several bookies to find the best odds.
  2. One have to keep a detailed account of all bets and wins.
  3. It involve opening of several accounts so you can make sure you have access to the best odds.
  4. You can use odds comparison website of download an arbitrage betting calculator or apps if you do not when to interest in software .
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