Fixed Match Betting

Let me start by clearing the air that fixed matches or fixed events on a match exist. But Some degree of ignorance will always be the root of an average bettor’s misery. Of recent, the rate of believe about fixed matches betting have blown out of proportion and I feel deep inside me to expose completely what’s going on so you don’t waste useful money.

Now if you’ve received a text message, email or social media post from someone asking you to buy information for an upcoming sporting event that is fixed, ignore it. Do not reply or send them any money. If you must do, than first ask yourself this simple question. “Why would someone want to sell you information concerning a fixed sporting event? If they know the result is fixed, why would they send out many thousands of messages informing everyone? Why would they post it on social media to alert the world?

If you say they are selling the information to make money. But if they know the result is fixed, why wouldn’t they just dump a mountain of cash on the fixed result with their bookmaker? Why would they make themselves vulnerable to criminal prosecution and any authority looking to investigate the fixing of sporting events? The truth is that the fixed game betting is Scam. Let me Loud it, the offering of information on fixed matches in exchange for money is a scam. Those perpetrating the scam do not know of or possess any such inside information about a fixed match.

What match fixing means is that a match is played to produce an already completely pre-determined result that is a result concluded before the game kicks off. Sometimes it may involve fixing of small events within a match which can be gambled upon but which is unlikely to prove decisive in determining the final result of the game. This type of fixing is generally referred to as Spot fixing. It could be on sport event like time of first corner kick, time of first throw-in,number of yellow card etc. For a match to be fixed, a player(s), coach(es), referee or someone who has a direct role to play in that particular game is compromised. That’s not the issue at the moment.

Let look at what the scammer does. It’s pretty simple really.
Let’s say the scammers receive 200 responses, everyone paying for information on an upcoming football match which the scammers claim to know is fixed. The scammers will divided the 200 subscribers by the total possible outcomes,telling each portion different result. Let said the scammers claim the fixed match is on correct score and knowing full that the possible outcome is ten. He will tell twenty a certain score, the next twenty another certain score, just like that. At the end of the match,90 percent of the respondents lose and obviously feel cheated by the scammers. But ten percent win their bets and now believe that the scammers may really have some inside knowledge on fixed football matches.
Later the scammers send out another email to the respondents who won on the previous fixed game tip and double the price for the fixed game information. He uses their bet slips as an evidence that his market is real,then more people will response. Again the scammers will repeat the same process again. When the match end the same occur. The winnere are happy with the scammers and the losser have no say.

This guys are just regular soccer pundits that do some serious research (If you are lucky enough to meet the few ones that analyze their games) and give to you. And that’s why you’d always hear them say “if the game cut you will get another”. That alone tells you what you’d be getting is not as ‘fixed’ as you were meant to believe. My advise to you is the is no fixed match sold public don’t full to their scams.

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